Meet Dean, the Firefighter!

Meet Dean, the Firefighter!

Dean works as a firefighter for the London Fire Brigade and often travels between London and Newcastle to visit his girlfriend. We asked Dean a few questions about his new Ambassador status and his experience with BlaBlaCar!

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I first heard about BlaBlaCar a little over a year ago after performing a Google search on ridesharing I began to notice the sudden rise in fuel costs when driving up and down the A1 to visit my girlfriend in Newcastle and as I prefer to have the flexibility of driving, I felt there must be a way to slash the expenditure. With BlaBlaCar I now save between £200 and £300 a month, depending on how many seats I fill. It has been a godsend to be honest! For the most part I’ve always filled my car, but the when I don’t, I still see one fare as making my journey less dear!
How does it feel to be an Ambassador?
It feels great! I truly value all the ratings I have received and am very grateful to those who have taken the time to leave them.

What has been your best BlaBlaCar experience so far?

I have met people from different walks of life which has been very interesting. One particular trip comes to mind. It was one of my many trips from London to Newcastle. I had two male passengers and one female passenger. The two men were from India, one of whom studies at Newcastle University. He was joined by his cousin, who was visiting from India for Christmas and New Year. My female passenger is a student at Durham University. During the journey we had a really good conversation on a range of subjects and a few good laughs which is always welcome! What got me was how intelligent they all are, especially the man who was visiting from India. WOW did he impress me. He knows the world inside out and has a vast knowledge of his home country which I found very impressive. His favourite programs to watch on television are the news channels. I suggested a few different TV shows to break the routine slightly. He even invited me to India and promised to give me the best tour possible. The journey went so quick because it felt really balanced and comfortable with my passengers.

Tell us about your work as a Personal Trainer!

I work fulltime as a firefighter but I am also a qualified personal trainer with 17 years vast experience helping many individuals reach their many different goals. This is an area I am very passionate about and I strongly believe you need a strong body as well as a strong mind in order to create that perfect, or near perfect, balance. I provide my services in London, mainly West London, and also in Newcastle and Gateshead. I mainly train clients at home, places of work, parks, riversides and I have a few that train with me at the gym. If you feel this is an area you have thought about or you have a question, please feel free to contact me via email: [email protected]

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