BlaBlaCar spreads across Europe

BlaBlaCar spreads across Europe

NEWSFLASH: BlaBlaCar opens in Poland, Holland, Belgium and Portugal as the BlaBlaCar community hits 2.4 million members!

BlaBlaCar is now in nine countries

This week BlaBlaCar took a giant leap across Europe, and launched new websites for Holland, Luxemburg, Belgium, Poland and Portugal. With our teams already based in Milan, Madrid and Paris, and new offices in London and Warsaw, BlaBlaCar is pioneering a truly international service. You could say we’ve got travel in our DNA!

A new member every twenty three and a half seconds!

As more and more people across Europe decide to start sharing their long distance journeys on BlaBlaCar, our numbers just keep growing. The community is now an incredible 2.4 million members strong, and we transport over 400, 000 people a month: that’s a car share leaving every six and a half seconds! Thanks to our amazing community, we are building a truly people powered network. We’ve just created a new infographic telling this story. Check it out, and don’t forget to share it and spread the word! The more our community grows, the more useful our transport network becomes!

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