Who travels the furthest for love?

Who travels the furthest for love?

We conducted a survey in a bid to discover the reasons why our BlaBlaCar members travel. From over 3000 answers, we found out the following! 

A romantic infographic

Over 1 million members travel with BlaBlaCar every month, and as we can see here, 70% of those members travel to see their loved ones. That’s a whole lotta love!

How Blablacar helps you in your relationship

We also wanted to find out how many of our members use BlaBlaCar to visit their partners. We discovered that German BlaBlaCar members travel the most to see their partners, with the French coming in at a close second. It’s great to see that BlaBlaCar helps couples maintain their long-distance relationships!

Did you know you can use BlaBlaCar to take a romantic break in Paris?
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