Meet our BlaBlaStar, Joe!

Meet our BlaBlaStar, Joe!

Meet our BlaBlaStar, Joe! A BlaBlaStar is a member of the community who has caught our attention because of their exciting job, their interesting hobbies or for just being generally awesome! Joe uses BlaBlaCar as a driver and is a freelance writer! 

How did you hear about BlaBlaCar?

I heard about BlaBlaCar last summer on Facebook! During the festival season ridesharing is really popular and people are generally up for an adventure. It’s a great way to meet people, particularly if you’re on your way to somewhere exciting and fun, like a festival.

When did you start using BlaBlaCar and why did you join?

I’ve been using BlaBlaCar since last summer. It’s fun for longer excursions – and it seems such a waste to drive with spare seats. So it’s eco-friendly, but it’s nice to save a few pounds too! Now I am mostly visiting friends and working. I studied in Brighton and love hanging out there. And I’m blogging for a sustainable designer/architect now there too – just the type of thing that makes Brighton a great city!

What has been your best BlaBlaCar experience so far?

My first rideshare was also the first rideshare of my passenger. He was setting off on his first leg of a bigger journey around the world! We were so pleased with ourselves for arranging it, and now I just hope he’s enjoying his journey and continuing to have good luck.

Before I was on BlaBlacar – I was in Maine in the US and overheard a couple of guys say their destination at the car rental desk. We were all going back to New York so we decided to rent a bigger car and all drove back together. Ended up being 4 of us and a dog! The journey was a little longer, having to drop one of them off -but totally worth it! Hearing about their fascinating lives, adventures and wisdom, as well as exchanging some top tunes.

What do you like about ridesharing?

It just makes sense to reduce the number of cars on the road and it’s always good to meet people. Everyone has some wisdom and experience to offer. It can turn a routine journey into a memorable one – and a cheaper one, too!
Tell us about your freelance work!
I’m a freelance writer with a journalistic background. I had my dream job researching documentaries for Teachers TV, figuring out what was going on with our education system and asking people about it. Now I do copywriting for the web – all the text on somebody’s website has to be thought through! The more personal and in-depth it can be, where you give some context and explain what you’re doing, the more you’re contributing to the web, which is a good thing.

I’m still really passionate about films and documentaries. I used to run Brighton’s solar-powered outdoor cinema OneWayTheatre, and interned for Dogwoof this summer, who put amazing documentaries into cinemas! I recommend checking out their website and watching some of their films.

Describe BlaBlaCar in 3 words!

Car, sharing, website (can’t argue with that) ;)

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