How BlaBlaCar supports forestation

How BlaBlaCar supports forestation

Did you know, that BlaBlaCar protects the Peruvian Amazon and plants trees in Africa and Asia? 

We have already:

  1. Preserved 30 million square meters in Peru
  2. Planted over a 1000 trees across three continents

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children – whomever first came up with this famous saying was thoroughly right. If we do not want the future generations to deal with our short-sightedness, we need to act here and now.

This is why we partnered with Pur Projet – an organization fighting against deforestation worldwide. Thanks to our alliance we are able to support local communities preserving forest areas where it is mostly needed – in the highly exploited grounds of South America, Africa and Asia. These local actions lead to global effects that we can all benefit from: the capture of carbon-dioxide by forestlands and the protection of the biodiversity.

Our partnership allows cooperatives like AcopAgro and Oro Verde to protect the Amazon rainforest in the heart of San Martin – one of the most deforested regions of Peru.

The communities that we support do not only directly preseve forest areas, but also hold related activities including research on biodiversity and the development of valuable seeds.

In addition, all our employees are involved with Pur Projet. Every time a BlaBlaCar employee celebrates a birthday, we plant a tree in a destination of his or her choice.

In 2015, we are going one step further, and planting a new tree in the name of every BlaBlaCar partner.

The trees will be planted in Ghana, a country devastated by timber exploitation and disorderly industry. Ghana suffers from 75% deforestation rate at a current pace of 1,7% per year. If this continues, the Ghanaian forest will soon disappear, threatening the environmental balance of the whole country. This will also affect people’s health, creating conditions that can promote the spread of diseases like malaria or worms provoking blindness.

For those reasons we support Kuapa Kokoo – a cooperative of 60 000 local producers with a long-term vision to plant over one million native timber trees.

A combination of several species (Ofram, Emire, Mansonia, Cedar, Mahogany) has been chosen to recreate a diversified biodiversity for the regeneration of natural ecosystems, and to fight against the spread of diseases which ruined the cocoa farmers plantations on a very large scale in 1970.

Protecting our natural heritage is a tangible and ongoing commitment. We believe that by making small gestures on your behalf, great things can be achieved. Thank you for supporting our conviction.

Last, but not least – if you don’t have your own tree yet, you can choose a location and…

plant it now!

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