Make your car journeys FUN!

Make your car journeys FUN!

Check out this guest blog post from Auto House on how to make your BlaBlaCar journeys even more fun! 

Have you ever found yourself stuck for ideas on how to pass the time on long car journeys or traffic jams? We’ve compiled a list of the best in car games you can play to pass the time away – that are suitable no matter how old you are.

Name That Tune

Everyone thinks they can hum their favourite tune and in their head it sounds spot on. But how well can you actually hum that tune? In this game you hum a chorus of a tune and your co-travellers try to guess what you’ve hummed.

Eye Spy

Enjoyable for all ages, eye spy is the classic car game to pass the time away, allowing everyone in the car to join in. Start with one of you going first, saying the line “eye spy with my little eye, something beginning with…” then say the first letter of something you can see.

It’s now down to everyone else in the car to guess what you have seen that begins with that letter.

Where in the World am I

You’ll need to be quite good on your geography to play this one!  Nominate someone to go first, then that person should start to describe a place in the world, avoiding any obvious iconic landmarks that might give it away instantly. Let your passengers try to guess your location – feel free to use ‘warmer or colder’ if their guess is near or far from your location.

Two Truths and a Lie

Start by telling the passengers three short stories about you, two of them need to be true and one will be completely fabricated. The aim of this game is for the passengers to guess which one of the three sentences you’ve told them is a lie. Your passengers will then begin to ask questions about your stories to try and find out which one is a lie.

What am I?

Imagine ‘Guess who’ for car journeys, but instead of just picking a person, you can choose to be a place, animal, TV character, or a random object.

Then it’s the job of the your co-travellers to ask questions to try and guess what or who you are.

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