Guest Blog Post: How to save money on car maintenance

Guest Blog Post: How to save money on car maintenance

Car enthusiast and avid BlaBlaCar user James Smith shares a few car maintenance tips.

There are so many things to fork out on when it comes to running a car. Some are given expenses which are hard to minimise. Firstly, there is the capital cost of the car or the monthly lease costs. Then, there’s tax to consider. You can save a bit by shopping around each year when it comes to your insurance policy, rather than simply renewing, however. You should be able to reduce your maintenance costs too by driving carefully over the course of a year and avoiding hazards such as pot-holes which can cause vehicle damage. Whatever you do to save money on your car maintenance, try to take more than one measure because then the effect could be cumulative. The more you do, the better it gets.

Check for Leaks

If your car leaves a bit of residue on the tarmac once it has been parked for a while, then check the problem out. Sometimes it can be a simple seal on a water pipe, perhaps for your screen wash, that merely needs to be tightened. On the other hand, the loss of oil from your system can lead to greater mechanical problems over time. If you see oil under your car get it dealt with sooner rather than later. Equally, loss of brake fluid can make the car unsafe. Get it seen to before you fail to stop and have a collision which might cost you a fortune in future insurance cost.

Drive Efficiently

Better maintained cars are more fuel efficient, generally speaking. If you drive efficiently you tend to put the car under less strain, making for less need for a mechanic over time. Turn your air conditioning unit off unless you are in very high temperatures, because this gives the engine less work to do. Work through your gears rapidly without over-using your accelerator to build speed quickly. Also, keep your tyres in good condition by buying new ones from Point-S, or another reputable dealer. Good and properly inflated tyres will not only help you stop more quickly in the event of a problem on the road, but they improve your ability to drive efficiently, thus saving money.

Think about Your Journey

To reduce costs, ask yourself if you need to put the additional miles on your car’s clock. Try to combine trips so that you are not continually returning home between them. Remove any heavy items which put a strain on the vehicle and, if you need to get rid of something heavy, do that first rather than driving around with it. Motorway driving and trips on dual carriageways are more fuel efficient than driving through town. If you need to drive in a built up area, then you will have to stop and start a lot, which wears down your car. Choose a time of day when the traffic will be lightest in town or avoid it all together.

Try Some Maintenance Yourself

Simple maintenance measures can be undertaken by drivers with no mechanical skills whatsoever. Consult your car’s manual for tips on owner maintenance procedures. Changing your car’s bulbs, for example, is not very difficult to do. Checking and replacing the oil level is another simple job you can do yourself. Another one is to check your tyre pressure at the petrol station once in a while. If you get good at these maintenance jobs, then you’ll feel more confident to do other ones, such as swapping your windscreen wipers or replacing the car’s air filter.
Not everyone thinks about their car’s maintenance costs as a part of the wider picture of depreciating value. However, if you think of your car as an investment, rather than something that will simply be a drain on your resources, then it can help to lower your travel costs over the course of a typical year. It can also mean you achieve a higher price when you decide to sell your car, meaning you can afford a better upgrade and who doesn’t want one of those?

About the Author:

My name is James Smith. I am a zealous and passionate writer. My areas of interest when it comes to writing are travelling, automobiles and car maintenance tips and tricks

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