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BlaBlaCar Drivers

Kevin offers his ride every weekend to visit his partner

Kevin regularly uses BlaBlaCar as he drives from London to Bristol to visit his partner on the weekends. With over 60 ratings, you can see why Kevin is one of our UK Ambassadors!

Kevin offers his ride every weekend to visit his partner

Kevin regularly uses BlaBlaCar as he drives from London to Bristol to visit his partner on the weekends. With over 60 ratings, you can see why Kevin is one of our UK Ambassadors!

“I love the feeling of a unique community that’s created every time I share a journey. For those 2-3 hours I get to participate in a conversation and learn things from others I would never have known otherwise and they have said the same to me as well. I also love that many passengers and I have got on so well that they wish to travel with me again, so I get to know them better.”

Jon gets to see his kids more

A father, a sharing economy enthusiast and an Arsenal fan, Jon finds BlaBlaCar is super useful for his long-distance travels, saving him on average £60 per month!

“I have spent 15 years trying to convince people to travel sustainably, mainly not as a sole occupant in a car. It’s easy:  lone drivers equals four cars on the road, whereas four in a car equals one car, instead of four on the road, which is three less! Plus, it is normally quicker and cheaper to travel by BlaBlaCar, not forgetting more enjoyable!”

Chris enjoys sharing his ride with BlaBlaCar

Chris started ridesharing with BlaBlaCar when his girlfriend moved to Bristol. He’d just bought a new car, so this was the most economical way for him to visit her!

“There are two things I like about ridesharing with BlaBlaCar. The main thing, really, is the money it saves on petrol, and it also helps my passengers save on their travel costs too. Second of all, I’ve met some interesting people from all walks of life – travellers, students, workers – and there is always plenty of interesting conversation. Or, sometimes, the journeys are peaceful and quiet which is also good. It’s the perfect mix between a positive social and financial experience.”

Wai shares his ride when he visits his girlfriend

Wai is an Ambassador on one of our most popular routes in the UK: London to Bristol! He regularly makes this journey to visit his girlfriend, and by sharing his ride on BlaBlaCar, he significantly covers his fuel costs.

“I’ve been using BlaBlaCar for a couple of years now. It helps me keep the costs down on my frequent journeys between London and Bristol, plus the journeys go much quicker with someone new to chat to: you get to meet all kinds of different people!”

Asif has shared his ride to travel abroad

We know a lot of our members use BlaBlaCar to get from A to B within the UK, but we were impressed to see that Asif has regularly shared his ride from London to Prague and back.

“Sharing my ride to Prague was awesome! Thanks to my passengers, I was able to cover my petrol costs for that journey. Also the people I have met when using BlaBlaCar are just great. We always talk about everything really, sharing our experiences and I’ve made a few friends as well!”

Dan uses BlaBlaCar to travel around the UK

Dan started using BlaBlaCar when he realised he’d be driving a lot due to his freelance work as an Outdoor Pursuits Instructor. He also travels around the UK to visit friends and family.

“Probably the best BlaBlaCar journey I’ve had was one from Devon to London. I had arranged to meet three separate people at a local train station at the same time. When I turned up, they had already met each other and were chatting away. Within five minutes of the journey starting, we were all laughing and chatting as if we had known each other for years. The fact that we all got on so well and had such a laugh together made the journey so much shorter than expected. We still keep in touch now, which makes this journey my best one so far!”

Mo always covers his petrol costs

Mo has a great time when he shares his ride. He’s met some amazing people and has made friends for life! Another plus… he completely covers his petrol costs.

“I always save on my petrol costs: it’s great! With passengers I hardly ever have take the cost of my fuel from my own pocket. Plus my fuel contributions contribute slightly towards the wear and tear of the car itself. It’s really good when I’m travelling with passengers because I never feel a journey pass by, but in reality it’s been five hours!”

Roddy shares his ride to the football match

Roddy was waiting for a ridesharing service to come to the UK, so he signed up straight away when he heard about BlaBlaCar! Roddy often drives to away games and covers his petrol costs by sharing his ride.

“The first time I offered a ride on BlaBlaCar, I had a full car in each direction between the North-East of England and the Midlands. One of the people sharing with me travelled in both directions that day, as he had to collect a new kitten in Leicester. I dropped him off at the sellers’ house, went to see my football game and then picked him up afterwards in Nottingham, since I’m happy to drop off and pick up at convenient places, as well as carry animals when I have space.”

Lucinda rideshares to the summer festivals

Lucinda loves using BlaBlaCar to get to the summer festivals. The journey is a lot more fun when you can share each other’s music, as well as the journey!

“BlaBlaCar is a great way to save petrol money and make long journeys fun! I took a passenger to Leeds Festival and we spent the journey chatting about our favourite bands and having a bit of a dance to the playlist I had made! Plus, it’s super easy and quick to upload your journey to BlaBlaCar.”

Huzaifa avoids driving with empty seats

Huzaifa, a recent graduate from Loughborough University, saved himself a lot of money whilst at uni. He has used BlaBlaCar mostly as a driver, but he has used it as a passenger too!

“I avoid driving unless I really need to due to my concerns for the environment. However, if I do drive, I like to have a full car where possible, plus sharing the journey with others makes it so much more enjoyable. BlaBlaCar has made this possible!”

Trevor doesn’t like seeing empty cars on the roads

Trevor loves meeting new and interesting people and enjoys sharing his ride with BlaBlaCar passengers. Plus, he doesn’t like to see cars with no passengers in them –  enter BlaBlaCar!

“I hate seeing loads of cars on the roads with only one person in them, so when I found BlaBlaCar I felt it was a great way to organise ridesharing. I feel better about using my car when I share my ride with passengers. Plus due to the low prices, my passengers have been really happy as it’s so expensive to travel around the country with other modes of transport.” 

Gavin is a fan of the BlaBlaCar philosophy

Gavin uses BlaBlaCar because he loves the idea of ridesharing, plus, non of his friends are supporters of Brighton and Hove, so he shares his ride with fellow fans to reduce the cost of driving to matches!

“I started using BlaBlaCar because I liked and agreed with the philosophy behind ridesharing. The whole idea is not only a chance to reduce the cost of travelling, but it also helps to reduce total carbon emissions whilst being sociable and fun!”

Kev uses BlaBlaCar to save on fuel costs when visiting his son

Kev joined BlaBlaCar last September and hasn’t looked back since! He shares his ride with BlaBlaCar passengers when driving to visit his son.

“I love how easy the website and app are to use, and that I feel like I’m doing my bit for the environment by offering a lift. For me, it’s all about the company on the drives; I’ve had some great conversations and it certainly makes the miles fly by. I would certainly recommend BlaBlaCar to others, and in fact have done so quite a few times!”

Helen regularly drives between London and Cornwall

Showroom Manager, Helen, joined BlaBlaCar in June 2013. Since then she has gone on to become one of our most active female members in the UK, regularly driving between London and Cornwall!

“I have taken over 60 people up and down to Cornwall since joining BlaBlaCar. I have been ridesharing since 2004, but I never had as many passengers with other ridesharing services!”

Emma was looking to save money when visiting her boyfriend

Emma joined BlaBlaCar after it was recommended to her by a friend. She now uses it regularly as a driver to visit her boyfriend and she plans to also use it as a passenger in the near future!

“A friend told me about BlaBlaCar. I go to university in Leeds and spend a lot of time driving to visit my boyfriend in Exeter. BlaBlaCar is an easy way to make the journeys interesting and to save money!”  

Pascale offered rides to and from London and Oxford, every Saturday

Pascale White, a 24 year-old administrator from Bellingham, South East London, first heard about BlaBlaCar on Spotify. Also a professional actress, she was making weekly trips to Oxford for rehearsals with a theatre company there, and decided that it made sense to offer her empty seats and save on her fuel expenses.

She told the Mail Online, who interviewed her in December 2012: “It has been a good experience. I would definitely use it in the future to save cash and I met some really nice people while travelling, although I didn’t want to chat too much because I wanted to concentrate while driving.” She went on: “I met an American girl and we ended up chatting so much on the journey and had so much in common that we’re meeting up for drinks soon before she flies back home.”

James offers rides to and from Bristol

James, 29, works as a fitness instructor in Bristol and so travels often to gyms in other parts of the country as well as travelling to visit family. He often gets bored on these long drives and car shares for the company. He doesn’t understand why more people don’t car share.

You share a travel experience, get to meet interesting people and save money on petrol. It’s a sustainable transport solution which breaks down barriers between people, I’ve shared some wonderful lifts and got to meet some great people.”

Mark regularly offers rides to and from Manchester

Mark, 29, works in sales in Manchester and frequently travels around England, spending a lot of time in the car and money on fuel! He car shares because “it makes sense”, he regularly offers rides on BlaBlaCar and has been voted 5* by two previous passengers. . The environmental aspect of car sharing is important to Mark and he enjoys filling the empty seats in his car, which would otherwise be a wasted resource.

Mark says: “Sharing my car means I can save the planet and meet some great people along the way. Plus, it makes a boring journey far more interesting.”

BlaBlaCar Passengers

Kate prefers ridesharing with BlaBlaCar to other modes of transport

Kate is an avid BlaBlaCar lover and uses it to visit her parents. A great story here is that her first journey was with our first UK Ambassador, Dean! Kate appreciates the safety measures put in place by BlaBlaCar and how every member has a BlaBlaCar profile.

“I used to travel regularly by coach to visit my parents but five and a half hours by coach is no joke… My daughter mentioned BlaBlaCar to me and to say I am impressed by the service is an understatement! BlaBlaCar saves me a small fortune: at only £12 a journey and less than half the time compared to £39 and five hours on the coach.”

Ben saves on travel costs by ridesharing with BlaBlaCar

Ben was hesitant to use BlaBlaCar at first as he was unsure about travelling with someone he doesn’t know. But since trying it out for the first time, he has never looked back! He also witnessed many other newcomers fall in love with BlaBlaCar to become ridesharing regulars!

“I have saved a lot of money by travelling with BlaBlaCar! I travel from Sheffield to Bristol and vice-versa almost every weekend. It would cost £90 for a return train journey and with BlaBlaCar I pay around £40 return. So go figure!” 

Sussex University student, Emily, raves about BlaBlaCar!

Emily is a BlaBlaCar fan and always recommends it to her friends. Travelling by train was becoming too expensive for her, so she was happy to find such a great and cheap alternative with BlaBlaCar! We asked Emily what she loves most about our service:

“I really like finding last minute coincidental trips where drivers are going exactly where I want to go, that’s great. Normally when you travel by bus or train everyone is in their own little world and with BlaBlaCar you share a journey with someone, so you can learn lots of interesting things about your co-traveller, behind just the face value.”

Hettie wishes she had heard about BlaBlaCar sooner!

Hettie has never looked back since she first tried out BlaBlaCar.

“I’d heard about BlaBlaCar before, and I wish I’d actually looked into it way back then because trust me, once you’ve used this service you wont look back. It’s saved me a ton of money, which even if you’ve got plenty in the bank is worth while as it gives you more to play with at your destination. And cheers to all the people behind the scenes on the website, its so easy to navigate. I have to say it’s really important to rate people. I always check the reviews myself as a passenger but sometimes I forget to write my own straight off the bat, but you always get a friendly email reminder.”

Tom uses BlaBlaCar to visit his son in London

Tom started using BlaBlaCar after becoming fed up with coaches and trains.

“The main reason I use BlaBlaCar is to visit my son, who still lives in London with his mum. We always have a really great time together, and it’s pretty cool to think BlaBlaCar has a hand in making our time together possible. I have saved a ton of money with Blablacar, and I have also saved myself a ton of stress. At an average of £10 a trip from Bristol to London (and vice-versa!), it’s cheaper than the coach, and massively cheaper than the train. My only regret is that I waited so long to try it out!”

Pip was looking for a fun way to travel

Pip and her husband were looking for a cheap way to travel home from Paris after spending a holiday there with their friends! Pip really liked the idea of BlaBlaCar as she found it to be an exciting and fun way to travel.

“I used BlaBlaCar for the first time to travel back home after a holiday in Paris with my husband and our friends. We met the most fantastic group of people in the car. We absolutely loved this experience!”

Luke regularly finds rides to and from Brighton

Luke, 26 from Brighton is a filmmaker and social entrepreneur. He makes videos for charities and social enterprises and volunteers for young peoples’ charities.

Luke told us: “There’s loads of reasons I love car sharing. I value the rare occasions I get to meet people outside my work and friend circles. Through these connections I learn so much, and have made some amazing unexpected friendships. The rest of the time, it’s just a cheaper, easier and more comfortable alternative to other transport! Meanwhile, fewer cars equals less congestion, pollution and oil dependency, and fewer car parks in our safer, more sociable communities.”

Oliver regularly finds rides between Canterbury and Paris

Oliver, 22, works in Canterbury as a family support worker. He first heard about BlaBlaCar from his French girlfriend, who has been using BlaBlaCar in France for years. He thought it was a great way to save money and now uses BlaBlaCar regularly to travel to Paris. He looks forwards to when everyone in the UK will know about car sharing and he recommends BlaBlaCar to his friends to help spread the word.

Oliver says: “We need to get everyone doing it, here so that the community is as active as in France. It’s a lot nicer being in a car than a bus, travelling by car is also quicker and more direct than public transport. I save 3 hours travelling by car from Canturbury to Paris, as well as meeting interesting people.”

Rebecca found a ride from Shrewsbury to Cornwall

Rebecca found BlaBlaCar after doing a quick Google search for a car share to visit her family in Cornwall.  She doesn’t live in the UK, so doesn’t have a car, and there are no trains to where she needs to go. The rest of the year, she lives in Abu Dhabi, where she is a kindergarden teacher.

She says, “Car sharing is a great idea because it’s ecological and you get to meet like-minded people. We need more people involved, so there are rides available all the time. Finding my ride to Cornwall really saved me!

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