Take a BlaBlaCar to your next football games!

Take a BlaBlaCar to your next football games!

Go Football mad with BlaBlaCar this season!

The football season is about to get back underway! We’ve already got plenty of rides lined up to go across the country and attend a number of different football games. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get searching for your football travel!
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Drivers, don’t drive to the game alone!

Do you ever find yourself driving long-distances in your car with empty seats in the back? Those empty seats could be filled with BlaBlaCar passengers! By sharing your ride, you could travel to the football games with fellow fans and make great friends along the way.

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Passengers, find a ride to your next game!

When you choose to travel with BlaBlaCar, you are filling otherwise empty seats that would be travelling to the football games with nobody in them. Do a quick search to find a driver heading to your next football game that has a spare seat!

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Check out Andy’s story. He uses BlaBlaCar to get to Nottingham Forrest matches!

Below is the story about BlaBlaCar member, Andy. He is a Nottingham Forrest season ticket holder and… well we’ll let you find out more for yourself!

Until next time, stay BlaBla!

P.S. Don’t forget the hastags #PremierLeague and #SuperSunday

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