Online Booking Advantages – Drivers

We are very excited to launch our new online booking system!

Never before has BlaBlaCar been so quick and easy to use. We have added lots of new features for you to enjoy which come with awesome benefits: check them all out below!
Are you a BlaBlaCar passenger? No worries, we have lots of benefits for you too ;) Check them out! 

Your passengers show commitment

When passengers book and pay for your ride before you travel together, they show commitment to you and your journey, meaning they are much less likely to cancel it. In fact, we have seen a 90% decrease in cancellations since introducing our online booking system!

Passengers can now instantly book their ride, or they can request to book a ride through our manual approval option. You can choose which option you prefer when you offer your ride.

It’s easy to organise your ride

With online booking, the available seats in your car are automatically updated, so when a seat in your car is booked, you don’t have to change the number of available seats yourself!

Not only can passengers ask you public questions about your ride before booking a seat in your car, but once a seat is booked, you’ll receive:

  • A text and an email notifying you of each new booking;
  • A summary email prior to departure with the name and telephone number of each passenger;
  • Your passengers’ contact details so you can get in touch to make final arrangements if necessary.

We also store all of your trip details and passengers’ information in one place, so it’s super easy for you to manage your ride!

Payment arrives straight in your bank account

As passengers pay online before you travel together, you no longer receive their payment in cash during your ride. Instead, you ask your passengers for their Booking Code, which you then enter into your BlaBlaCar profile; this action tells us that your journey with this passenger has taken place, meaning your funds will be transferred into your bank account!

Please note: make sure you enter your bank details into your BlaBlaCar profile before you offer a ride, so that we can quickly transfer your passengers’ fuel contribution into your bank account after your ride has taken place. Once a Booking Code has been entered, the transfer of your funds to your bank account will be arranged. You shall receive your funds within 2-3 working days.

BlaBlaCar compensates you

If a passenger cancels a booking less than 24 hours before departure, or doesn’t show up at all, you will receive compensation:

  • If your passenger doesn’t show up or cancels after your departure time, you will still be paid as if you had travelled together.
  • If your passenger cancels less than 24 hours before your departure time, you will still receive 50% of what your passenger would have paid to travel with you. Plus, that seat will be automatically made available again on our site, so that another passenger can book it!

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We spoke to some of our drivers and asked them how they feel about our new online booking system. This is what they think!

Andy – BlaBlaCar Driver

“With the online booking system you know your passengers are committed as they’ve reserved their seat and paid in advance. All you need to do is plan the journey and make sure your passengers have all of the information they need!”

Mark – BlaBlaCar Driver

“As passengers can ask you public questions before your trip, it allows others to see what sort of journey you are planning: as in how far you would like to detour, what sort of route you will be taking and the pace of the journey too. As a whole, I feel the online booking system is great as it also eliminates the potentially awkward issue of asking for payment.”

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