New in Germany and Italy! Weekly access and monthly subscriptions

New in Germany and Italy! Weekly access and monthly subscriptions

Members in Germany and Italy can call before booking and drivers can get paid online or in cash

If you’re travelling in Germany and Italy, we’ve made the following changes:

Drivers choose how they want to get paid – by cash or bank transfer

We received lots of feedback from members in Germany and Italy that online payment isn’t always ideal. That’s why we’re giving them the freedom to choose. Drivers travelling in Germany and Italy can now also choose to get paid in cash at the end of the ride.

Offering a ride in Germany or Italy soon? We’ll ask you whether you want to get paid online or in cash when posting a ride. The choice is yours!

Simpler carpooling for passengers – get access for a week or a monthly subscription

If you need to book a ride in Germany or Italy, you can say goodbye to paying a service fee for each booking. Instead, you can choose to get weekly access or a monthly subscription. After you get your access, you can book as many rides as you want, without paying booking fees every time. What’s more, you can call the driver before booking once you chosen your access.

  • Just looking for one ride? Choose 1-week access.
  • Often on the road and want more value for money? Then the monthly subscription is for you! We’ll charge you every month, but you can cancel anytime.

Please note that if you’re travelling abroad, you may still need to pay service fees.

How do I get access?

You can choose your option to use BlaBlaCar the next time you need to book a ride. Just tap “Weiter” if you’re on our German platform or “Continua” for our Italian one.

Important for our members in Germany! When you need to get your access, we’ll ask you to buy a “Nutzungspaket.”

Got some questions about using BlaBlaCar in Germany and Italy? Get in touch – we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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