You can be a superhero!

You can be a superhero!

Trust is at the heart of BlaBlaCar. Building trust in our community is our most important job.

Every BlaBlaCar member introduces them self to the community through an online trust profile, with a photo, a description, a number of in-car preferences about things like smoking, pets and music and verified contact information. And then, after every car share, travellers leave member-to-member ratings. These informative, verified, peer-reviewed profiles allow the community to create, and share trust.

The trust that is created on BlaBlaCar, and in other online communities, from Airbnb, to eBay, is a valuable new resource. Thanks to trusted online profiles, we are now free to share or rent essential resources like cars or accommodation, to swap items, houses and skills, to crowdfund and crowdsource, to massively collaborate in many different areas of our lives… all of which not only saves us money and time but actually makes all our lives richer.

It’s a new economic era beginning. And a new era needs a new superhero… so we created one! Trustman is the superhero of the sharing economy, which includes all kinds of online collaborative platforms, from co-working to crowdsourcing. The source of his superpower is, of course, trust profiles. The same profiles have allowed car sharing to become a new, people-powered transport network in it’s own right, efficiently connecting cities all over Europe. The same profiles are making it possible for people everywhere to buy, sell, swap, share and collaborate online, to be free to enrich their lives..

Join Trustman in a new era of trust, freedom and new value, for yourself and for society!
And because everyone can have a trusted online profile, everyone can be a superhero… You can be Trustman too.
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Check out his site, and download groundbreaking research about online trust.

Frédéric Mazzella, founder of BlaBlaCar, first introduced Trustman to the world, at TEDx Panthéon Sorbonne in Paris, on the 8th November, 2012. Trustman has also appeared at LeWeb, Paris, 2012. If you’d like Trustman to appear at your conference or event, click here to send us an email.

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