Meet our BlaBlaStar, David

Meet our BlaBlaStar, David

Meet our BlaBlaStar, David.

A BlaBlaStar is a member of the community who has caught our eye because of their exciting job, their interesting hobbies or for just being generally awesome. David is a BlaBlaCar driver who regularly drives between London and Bristol. But he is also a musician who plays in a circus!

What do you love about BlaBlaCar?

BlaBlaCar is so much fun. It puts the driver and passengers in a wonderful scenario of talking about new topics and discovering new musical tastes (which can be excellent). It becomes a couple of hours of trust with somebody you didn’t know before and that is a treasured thing which more people should be open to.

What has been your best BlaBlaCar experience?

I rideshared a couple of times with a great Italian guy, Fabio R, who was studying English in Bristol. We had a really nice chat, had a coffee, listened to some Italian music and planned to meet up in Bristol afterwards. Good luck, Fabio!

Tell us about your drumming

I’m a drummer and percussionist and I’m just about to finish my fifth season with Giffords Circus. It’s a really fun job, but a lot of hard work and a lot of playing. We tour mainly around the Cotswolds, but also London, and perform over 200 shows a season.

When I’m not doing that, I do am a freelance performer and teacher. I travel a lot for work and I never know where I’ll be next, which is quite hard when I’m a big hoarder of percussion instruments! I’m always interested in meeting new people to jam with, more details of which can be found at

Describe BlaBlaCar in three words :)

Affordable, Ethical, Treasured
Thank you, David.

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