Meet Maria

Meet Maria

Meet our BlaBlaStar, Maria. Maria is a BlaBlaCar passenger, a recent Humanities graduate and an avid lover of photography.

What do you love about BlaBlaCar?

I love how it operates internationally and people aren’t surprised to find a foreign traveller in their backseat. I’ve used it in three different countries so far.

What has been your best BlaBlaCar experience?

All of them have been really good for different reasons: whether it’s the brilliant people I meet or the places they take me to or how accommodating they are in general, given the fact that we are total strangers to each other.

Tell us about your photography hobby

I have always been fascinated by pictures and taking them has been my biggest hobby since I was young. I’ve always had some sort of camera with me wherever I go but I’m yet to invest in proper equipment to try my hand at more professional work. Until then, whether it be with my phone or digital camera, I’m always looking to take the perfect snapshot. Mostly my pictures are impressions of fleeting moments, capturing sunsets and the sea, people in action, land- and cityscapes under the changing daylight and I also like to photograph an interesting composition or contrast. I just have this urge to capture the beauty my eyes witness, which has left me with tons of material on my computer that no one hardly ever sees! So I am glad to share some of my images with the BlaBla community now.

Describe BlaBlaCar in three words

Adventurous, economic, win-win.
Thank you, Maria.

A BlaBlaStar is a member of the community who has caught our eye because of their exciting job, their interesting hobbies or for just being generally awesome.

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