The ABI Supports Ridesharing

The ABI Supports Ridesharing

If you’re new to BlaBlaCar as a driver, you may wonder about your car insurance, so you’ll be happy to hear the following: BlaBlaCar has full support from the Association of British Insurers!

*Taken from the ABI website 05/11/2014
BlaBlaCar limits the number of seats and prices when a driver offers their ride, meaning we scrupulously fulfil the above requirements regarding profit: drivers’ costs are only offset and no profit can be made.

If you are still unsure and you would feel more comfortable contacting your insurer, then do so! We want all of our drivers to have peace of mind :) We have even more details about insurance cover here.

If you have anymore questions, you can check out our FAQ section here.

You can also contact our Member Relations Team here.

Happy ridesharing!

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