PayPal payments are now available

PayPal payments are now available

Good news! We have introduced PayPal as a payment option for our BlaBlaCar members. This means you now have more choice when ridesharing with BlaBlaCar, making your experience even more enjoyable.

paypal payment on blablacar

Passengers now have the choice to pay with PayPal when booking a seat online.

The next time you want to book a seat online, you can simply choose the PayPal payment option, which will allow you to either login into your account, or create one. Your payment is then made via your account, offering you a secure and simple payment option.


Drivers now have the choice to receive their funds via PayPal.

All you need to do to receive your funds via PayPal, is to link your account to your BlaBlaCar account. You can also set it as your default option for receiving your funds, meaning you will automatically receive all funds for sharing your ride! Head over to your account to set-up this option.


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