No more booking codes

No more booking codes

Can’t find your booking codes? Not to worry! We got rid of them!

Less is always more

Morse code, the Da Vinci code, BlaBlaCar booking codes. Some codes were made to stand the test of time. Ours wasn’t, so we’ve got rid of it.  But you know what? That’s a good thing!

What’s changed?
In reality, very little. You’ll now share travel costs without worrying about when to share your booking code or how to ask for it. We’ll now take care of everything!

Just give us a heads up if you didn’t travel as planned. If all goes smoothly, drivers can then request their money 24 hours after the ride. Or if they don’t, we’ll send it their way in 48.

Let’s carpool!

Happy code-free carpooling!

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