The women of BlaBlaCar

The women of BlaBlaCar

Happy International Woman’s Day to all of our one million female BlaBlaCar members!

BlaBlaCar Women travelled 41,146,492 km in January, that’s more than 152 round trips to the moon! Women make up a huge part of BlaBlaCar, did you know more than 42% of BlaBlaCar members are women?

91% of women class themselves as “BlaBla,” the same percentage as “BlaBla” men. However, contrary to popular belief, it’s men who designate themselves as more chatty, with more men classing themselves as “BlaBlaBla” than women.

Women in the UK prefer to be BlaBlaCar passengers, opposed to drivers, and females on BlaBlaCar also drive shorter distances than men, the average trip length for women was 333km compared to a male average trip of 377km.

Women were also less likely to take a detour compared to men, just 8.8% of women said they’d take a detour compared to 10.8% of men.

BlaBlaCar has a special feature for women, called “ladies only”. This feature allows registered female members to post trips that only other registered female members can view. This provides an extra level of comfort and security to females using BlaBlaCar for the first time.

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