Escape with your Valentine!

Escape with your Valentine!

Have you made your plans for Valentine’s Day yet?

Here’s an idea: pack your weekend bag and jump in a BlaBlaCar en route for Paris!

London to Paris is one of our most popular routes, and guess what, it can cost you as little as £22. Booking accommodation for the weekend is also cheap and easy: check out Airbnb to find a real Parisian place to stay at, for an affordable price!

Once across the Channel and in the beautiful city of Paris, there are many romantic things for you to do. First of all, find the nearest pâtisserie and enjoy a well-deserved delicious coffee and cake.

Next on the list: losing yourself in the streets of Paris! The best place to do this is in Monmartre. Here you can explore all of the quaint little streets, home to galleries, cafes and artists! You will find many artists sat outside who will be more than willing to draw your portrait for you. The best place to finish your walk is at the Sacré Cœur, where you can enjoy one of the best views of Paris on offer. A lovely way to finish the day with your beau!

Last but not least, mark this romantic weekend together by leaving a love lock on thePont de l’Archevêché. Traditionally, couples engrave their names on a padlock, attach it to the bridge, then throw away the key to symbolise their unbreakable love. How cute is that?

So, what’s stopping you from taking a romantic getaway in Paris? With the cheap BlaBlaCar travel taken care of, all you need now is a packed bag and your sweetheart.

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Enjoy your Valentine’s Day!

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