Let’s go on a BlaBla Easter Hunt

Let’s go on a BlaBla Easter Hunt

Easter is almost here, meaning the time is ripe to go on an Easter hunt. So to keep in the spirit of things, we have a little BlaBla Easter hunt for you to play: read the riddles below to see if you can guess where our BlaBlaCar savings are hiding. All of these places are great to visit, plus you can get there for super cheap with BlaBlaCar. So common, show us how good your guessing game is.

Where are those savings hiding?

With sweets and fun to be had on the pier, two really good reasons for you to go here.
Drive there   Find a ride there

Do you know where this is?

Two birds keep watch on the city below, a great place to visit so make sure you go.
Drive there    Find a ride there

Make your best guess

With a bridge so high and balloons in the sky, a city you’ll love so go find out why.
Drive there   Find a ride there

You know what city this is, don’t you?

Dubbed the big smoke but with parks galore, this vibrant city offers culture and more.
Drive there   Find a ride there.

So, how well did you do? Let us know on Twitter!

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