BlaBlaCar opens in Germany

BlaBlaCar opens in Germany

BlaBlaCar is proud to announce that we have launched in Germany. 

Blablacar is now launched in Germany!

We are happy to provide a new regional service to our German members, as, for years, the BlaBlaCar community has made a large number of cross-border trips to and from Germany. Hundreds of drivers offer rides from France to Germany every month. More recently, with the launch of our site in Poland in November 2012, the number of shared journeys in Eastern Europe has also exploded. One very good reason for us to open a new website for our German neighbours.
Another great reason is that Germany has a strong cultural history of car sharing. Efficient and environmentally aware, German drivers and passengers have been connecting to travel together and save money since the 1980s. There is strong demand for a simple, and reliable website like BlaBlaCar to help German travellers plan their rides together online.
You can say that BlaBlaCar is a truly European travel network; Germany is the now 10th BlaBlaCar website in Europe. BlaBlaCar is also all about community, which is why we have local teams in five offices across Europe: Paris, London, Milan, Madrid, Warsaw and now Hamburg too.

3 million members have travelled 45 thousand times around the world and counting…

As more and more people across Europe share their long distance journeys on BlaBlaCar, our community continues to grow. 3 million members now use BlaBlaCar to travel more, for less, and BlaBlaCar transports over half a million people a month. The average journey shared by our members is about 200 miles (340Km). We estimate that the community has shared over 1.8 billion Km so far. That’s about 45 thousand times around the world, and counting.


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