Top 10 tips for a safe ride!

We’re looking out for our passengers and drivers.

Stay safe by controlling what you can. Like seatbelts! Make sure everyone has one (and uses it). Here are 10 simple ways to stay safe.

I’m a passenger

  • Luggage: Put your luggage in the boot, not on the rear window shelf. The person driving will need to see out the back window!
  • Baby on board: For those travelling with young ones, check these rules to see if you need a child seat. It’s your responsibility; don’t assume the driver will have one.
  • Sharing the wheel: Give a hand with the driving if you’ve got a license. We’re sure the driver would be grateful during a long journey.
  • Help the driver stay alert: There’s nothing wrong with talking with the person driving, it’s actually a proven way to prevent drowsiness. Just don’t distract them! If they seem tired, suggest a coffee break.

I’m a driver

  • Phones: Don’t use your phone! Your passengers can set up the sat nav, you can take calls hands-free.
  • Breaks: Take a 15 to 20 minute break every two hours.
  • Travelling at night: Rest during the day and take a nap before travelling.
  • Check your vehicle: Check your tyre pressure, oil, water, brakes, headlights and window wipers before hitting the road. Also, make sure you have valid insurance, driving license and MOT and keep copies in your vehicle.
  • Alcohol and drugs: Don’t do it! You’d put everyone in the car in danger and could lose your license.
  • Weather: Take special care in rain and snow. Bad weather doesn’t cause bad driving. Just remember, braking distances will be greater, visibility will be worse.

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