BlaBla Ladies!

BlaBla Ladies!

Happy International Women’s Day!

We’re super excited to be celebrating this amazing day, and in honour of it, we wanted to share with our community a bit about our BlaBla Ladies. As we’re sure you know, the BlaBla Team is very international, made up of different nationalities and cultures from all over the world, with local offices in the UK, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Russia, India and Turkey. But what about the women who work at BlaBlaCar? Do you want to know more about them? Here are some great stats for you:

  • 50% of the BlaBlaCar workforce is female!
  • We have 11 mothers working at BlaBlaCar!
  • Our BlaBla Ladies are made up of 23 different nationalities!
  • There are 27 female BlaBlaCar Ambassadors in the BlaBla Team – yes, we all rideshare too!

We hope you are as impressed with these stats as we are. The BlaBla Ladies from all over the world also took a picture to share with you in celebration of International Women’s Day. Take a look!

France womens day Spain womens day Russia-womens-day Poland womens day Italy-womens-day India womens day UK-womens-day Turkey womens day Germany womens day

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