Rideshare to the Summer Festivals

Rideshare to the Summer Festivals

Enjoy easy, low-cost and fun travel to Reading, Latitude and Leeds festivals with fellow festival-goers.

With BlaBlaCar, festival fun starts on the road, and you’ll save money too.

Drivers who share their ride to Reading and Leeds festivals can pay £0 for fuel. When you fill your empty seats with three paying BlaBlaCar passengers, you can completely cover your fuel costs for that trip and drive for free. And passengers looking for a festival ride enjoy low-cost, comfortable travel, even at the last-minute. As an example, a journey from London to Reading will only cost you £2.

Go Green to this year’s festivals

By ridesharing to Reading and Leeds Festivals you will not only save yourself money, but you will be helping to reduce the overall environmental impact of the festival. For example, did you know that four people travelling in a car brings down the CO2 emissions per person to less than if you were travelling by train?  Feels as good as the summer wind in your hair.

ridesharers parking at summer music festivals

Meet Fellow Festival-Goers

Meeting new people is part of the festival experience we all love, and with BlaBlaCar, you will meet awesome music lovers before you even get to the festival.  By ridesharing to Reading and Leeds Festivals, you will have fun, you will save money and you will be a protector of the environment.

The BlaBla Tent

The BlaBla Team will be coming to Reading and Leeds Festivals too, so come and say hi! We will be offering a variety of activities and goodies, and we will of course help you connect with other ridesharers for your trip back home. Backstage passes and festival merchandise will also be up for grabs, so don’t miss out.  We’re very excited to meet you, hear your ridesharing stories, and get your feedback on how we can better our trusted ridesharing platform.


ridesharing festivalgoer having fun

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