Meet our first BlaBlaStar, JonPaul

Meet our first BlaBlaStar, JonPaul

Meet JonPaul, our first BlaBlaStar.

A BlaBlaStar is a member of our community who has caught our attention because of their exciting job, their interesting hobbies or for just being generally awesome. JonPaul is a full-time musician and a qualified Architectural Designer. He has recently joined BlaBlaCar and has already enjoyed the benefits of using the service as a driver. Learn more about this great member below.

Tell us about your job as a musician?

It feels weird to say it’s a job, but I am a full-time musician, singer, songwriter and recording artist. I spend my days writing, producing and rehearsing to either go back into the studio or to go on the next tour. There’s also a fair bit of production that needs to be done, visiting radio stations to talk about music and play live tracks, but this only happens when there’s a new song or album coming out.

I’m still early on in my professional career and I am working towards a big 2014/2015. That’s one thing I realised a few years back; everything in the music industry is 12 months in advance. Musicians are working now for music we’ll all hear in a year’s time, which is strange because at the time the sound feels fresh and new.

Why did you join BlaBlaCar?

The name caught my attention! I looked on the website and when I realised just what it was, I thought it was a great idea. The site was so simple and easy to use so I signed up straight away. In my first week, I did two journeys. The first one was the day after I joined the site. An hour after posting my trip on the site, I received a call from a member needing to get from Bradford to Luton Airport. We agreed on the details and the next day he got himself to Leeds and I picked him up and off we went. He paid me up front, I filled up with petrol and we never stopped chatting all the way down. We’ve since kept in touch and I’ve learnt a fair bit about places to go on holiday and about second-hand cars.

My second journey was the return from London. I’d had a few enquiries the night before, even though I’d only posted the journey that morning! I ended up speaking to a member who needed to get to Sheffield with his friend to pick up a car. The call was at 10 pm, and I picked them both up at 7.30am the next morning by a tube station close to where I was staying. We’ve also all kept in touch and now I know even more about second-hand cars!

All in all my journey to London and back cost me £15 instead of the usual £70, and I met three people I’d definitely stay in touch with.

What do you like about BlaBlaCar?

I like how the concept is simple, very effective and the website is in no way complicated. It’s growing in size too and could soon be the way to go for every journey, saving me a lot of petrol money.

Describe BlaBlaCar in three words!

Simple. Effective. Brilliant.

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